POLL: What do you think of Pope Francis?

Many Catholics are praising the conclave's decision to elect Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio as Pope Francis.

Others aren't so sure.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. I really have no clue. I don’t even know what most of what you listed even means? This would be a great time for our Catholic writer(s?) to chime in and help us non-Catholics understand what is going on? Whose smoking and why is it black or white smoke? What is a Jesuit and what are all these names of different catholic groups about, are they denomination like factions? Why does he changed his name? Why wear all the fancy clothes of your a poor people gig? Etc.

  2. Danell, on Facebook, said: I don’t know him yet, how can I think anything?

  3. Ernesto Tinajero


    The Jesuits are a Catholic order founded by St Ignatius are part of the Counter Reformation in 1534.They are the most successful missionary group in the Catholic church. They are known for their commitment to eduction, missions and standing with the poor. They are the order always on the move and always in action. Our own Gonzaga is a Jesuit university. They are also famous for the crash course in Spirituality, the Ignatius spiritual practices, a 30 day training in deep prayer where the disciple follows in a prayerful manner Jesus’ life. http://www.nwjesuits.org/JesuitSpirituality/SpiritualExercises.html

    As fitting their, the meditations are done in a short period and then they get to moving.

  4. Tracy; I wanted to click all the buttons on your poll! It may indeed be an exciting time for Roman Catholics, if in truth, this cardinal, now “bishop of Rome” continues his simple lifestyle, his advocacy for the poor, remembers his Jesuit roots, his people in S. America, (as well as around the world) and claims not just the name of St. Francis but the deep spirituality of St. Francis. That is a lot to ask of anybody! And so, as he asked, I will remember to pray for him, and the Roman Catholic church. They need prayers…lots of ’em, because though i can’t agree with them on much theologically, they are a powerful religious force in the world, so i pray they will be a force for good: for other people, for the planet.

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