POLL: Should businesses get exemptions from the contraception mandate?

Hobby Lobby Stores Inc. is seeking an exemption from the part of the healthcare mandate requiring employers to offer coverage that includes acccess to the morning-after pill.

The craft store chain's fight, made on behalf of the founding family, has reached the U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.

But they're not the only business challenging the mandate. A construction firm in Illinois and an auto maker in Indiana are also asking to be relieved from compliance.

The Becket Fund, a legal and educational institute that seeks to protect the expression of all faiths, tracks cases involing the HHS mandate. According to the Becket Fund website, “there are 60 cases and over 190 individuals representing hospitals, universities, businesses, schools, and people all speaking with one voice to affirm the freedom of religion guaranteed in the Constitution.”

Should businesse be able to get exceptions on the contraception mandate?

Take our poll.

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