POLL: Is the Noah story true?


There’s been a lot of chatter about the upcoming Noah movie.

SpokaneFAVS writer Colleen McLean wrote a column about it this week, and says she’s going to see it because she wants to see how the biblical narrative translates to the big screen.

She writes:

When Hollywood makes a movie about a Biblical story it isn’t long before hackles are raised among those who insist that the stories of creation, flood and exile are historically accurate rather than mythic memories of a pre-literate past that while truthful, may not be factual. The debate between literal and metaphorical interpretations of biblical accounts is a long and twisted one that never ends.  Indeed, each generation brings new research techniques as well as renewed piety to the arguments.

It got us wondering what you think. Do you think the biblical Noah story is true?

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Creative interpretation was definitely taken in Noah, however I think that if it gets people interested in picking up a Bible and reading the true story, it it a wonderful thing. I liked the movie, but I don’t think it held a candle to the beautiful message of God’s Not Dead. And, I look forward to watching Son of a God in the near future. All things considered, I am glad to see God on the big screen! <3

Jim Downard

I put my two cents in by voting in the “partly true” slot due to the deep Mesopotamian cultural roots and even earlier Black Sea flooding episode, not that the details are rescued that way, only the big picture aspect.

Paul Susac

I’m with Jim. Saying that parts of a flood story are true is not a stretch. The idea that some farmer saved his animals and family from a flood by building a raft or something, seems pretty likely if you think about it.

Pen and Teller did an episode of BullS*%t about it. I don’t use Pen and Teller as scholarly resources, but, meh, ok, seems reasonable to me.

R. Skyler Oberst

It depends on your definition of “truth”, I guess.
Not all things need to be applied to the scientific method for truth to exist within them. This allegory is true just as Beethoven’s 3rd symphony is true.
And I’m okay with that! 🙂

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