POLL: Do you give money to panhandlers


WIK_100513_beggarThere’s no denying that Spokane has a homeless population. What do you do when you encounter someone asking for money?

Why are why not? Be sure to take our poll below.

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Paul Susac

I have worked with a LOT of drug addicts over the years. I’ve known many of them to be pan-handlers. If confronted I usually refer them to an agency to help them with their basic needs (UGM is a default choice), and even confront them on their addiction and refer to drug treatment if I see that this is clearly an issue.

I have loosened up on this policy with the current economic climate. Clearly a lot of people are just down on their luck because, you know…. Financial markets wrecked the economy. It’s a real judgment call.

Jame Curtiss

I have on occasion but it is rare. It takes a clear, strong prodding of the Holy Spirit for me to give. I don’t encounter many, other than those standing on street corners, and I know many of those choose the lifestyle. I had a friend whose daughter found herself needing gas money once so asked someone in a mall parking lot for help…then thought, “what an interesting thought,” proceeding to collect over $100 in a couple of hours. I prefer to give through volunteering through UGM and through my church.

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