POLL: Do you belong to a spiritual community?

On Saturday Spokane Faith & Values panelists will join our readers in a discussion about spiritual community.

What is spiritual community? Is it still needed?

Join us for this conversation at 10 a.m. at Revel 77 Coffee

But first, we want to know, are you part of a spiritual community?

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  1. Is belonging to a Church, Synagogue, or Sangha belonging to a Spiritual Community? Or is a community more than an institution of religion or an organization? When is an organization or gathering group a community? What does a “community” really look like?

    Maybe we have to have two questions when we approach this. Does belonging to a church or other spiritually based institution constitute being in a spiritual community? What does a “spiritual community ” look like? – OK – Make that three questions. Neighborhoods are sometimes called communities – so are apt complexes, etc. Has the term community been co-opted and lost its significance?

  2. I think the definition can be operational Yisrael. That can be part of this morning’s conversation!

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