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Poem: Who are you God?

By Christi Ortiz

I am the baby crying.
I am the old woman dying.
I am the stick that hits you.
I am the Faith that proves True.
I am the loved one’s embrace.
I am the tear-stained face.
I am the sunshine in the morn.
I am the rolling fields of corn.
I am the swaying trees.
I am the stinging bees.
I am the laughing heart.
I am the wounding dart.
I am the helping hand.
I am the spacious land.
I am the kind smile.
I am the bitter guile.
I am the Healer.
I am the Dealer.
I am the song of the bird.
I am the Living Word.
I am Faith, Hope, and Love.
I am the peaceful dove.
I am the long Fight.
I am the dark Night.
I am the breaking Dawn.
I am the gentle fawn.

I am the object of shun.
I am the Hidden One.
I am the king in a Palace.
I am blood flowing from the chalice.
I am the lonely, forgotten One.
I am the charity left undone.
I am Majesty and Splendor.
I am Redeemer and Mender.
I am Unwanted and Helpless.
I am poor and voiceless.
I am Victor and Humility.
I am Failure and Futility.
I am Patience and meekness.
I am Trust and Weakness.
I am Substance and Absence.
I am Mercy and Penance.
I am sin and death Destroyed.
I am life enjoyed.
I am suffering and sorrow.
I am yesterday and tomorrow.
I am the Resurrection and the Fall.
I am Nothing and I am All.
I am Love, I am God.
I Am.

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