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POEM: Truly Living

By Christi Ortiz

Before I can speak your Truth in the daylight
I must first listen to your whispers in the night

I must lay in the stillness and wait for your Presence
to come cloak me in the soft caress of your darkness

In the peace of this stillness I hear You
In this emptiness your fullness speaks

as I surrender
and let all cares vanish in the breeze

As I let my identity and attachments and worries fall to the floor
like the scales of last year’s skin that is no longer needed for the journey ahead

I let them slide to the floor,
grateful to be free from their weight

In this new found freedom and lightness
I sink into the nothingness of being

I allow all the rest to pass away
as I embrace the All the permeates

I breathe a deep breath of peace
and fullness

Here in this space the previous preoccupations lose all significance
They cease to matter or have power in this place

Here we are one with All,
here everything absorbs into our being and we dissipate into all

There are no divisions or names,
only Being

I breathe deeply into this space
and exhale any lingering cares, worries, thoughts

Like raindrops that slide effortlessly off the slick surface,
they roll away.

What remains is essential;
my essence; my being,

my offering to the world,
this is the way my being embodies the Divine Essence.

Living from this place changes everything,
transforms every encounter

Informs every movement and activity
Enlivens every dream and ignites every passion

From this place beauty flows and grows
and is shared

From this place we not only touch one another,
we connect and transform one another.

This is truly living.

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About Christi Ortiz

Christi Ortiz is a licensed marriage and family therapist by profession and a poet by passion.  She enjoys trying to put to words to that which is wordless and give voice to the dynamic and wild spiritual journey called life. She lives in Spokane with her husband and two children, Emmanuel and Grace. She loves the outdoors and meditating in the early mornings which gives rise to her poetry.

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