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POEM: There is a Seed

By Christi Ortiz

There is a seed 
we all have to plant
Born with this seed, unique to us, 
it is ours alone to give to this world

No other seed is like the one 
you carry in your heart
What it will be, what it will grow in to 
is only for grace and time to unfold

How will I bring this seed to life you ask?  
First you must peer deep, deep down 
into the cavern of your soul to unearth 
the precious gift given to you to offer to the world 

It will be dark and difficult, 
the journey will be hard, 
there will be many things you must leave behind 
to follow your seed  

But it will continue to call you, 
coax you in your sleep and haunt your waking dreams, 
It’s powerful, peaceful voice speaks deeply to you 
it is your own True Voice springing from the vast ocean that is your heart

And so descend you will 
into her inviting darkness 
to find the one true gift that truly feeds 
both your soul and the hunger of the world  

The journey may feel impossible at times, 
too dangerous to continue...
you may feel lost, 
too many turns and decisions to make

Will you ever find the way? How will you know the right path?  
But your inner knowing will guide you, 
if you trust the illumination of your spirit, 
the path will be made known to you 

And at a certain point, your whole being will have become the path 
there will be no turning back, 
the false self that was your shell will have been purged away 
to reveal only the seed 

The fragile covering will peel away 
to reveal an ancient power coursing through your veins 
as you soar with wings you never knew you had
with a strength not your own

You will offer yourself in love and gratitude, 
lay your head down on the dark, humus soil, 
breathe deeply of the soil’s moistness 
as you let your body melt away  

And there where your body lay, 
will grow your gift to the world, 
that which was yours alone to give 
and the luminous presence that was you 

will drift in to the world, 
commingling with all other offerings 
to form the Great Turning 
that will heal the world
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