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POEM: The Eternal Maranatha

By Christi Ortiz

Trinitarian theology can never be grasped
we can only allow ourselves to be grasped
by the Great Mystery

The amazing gift of the Trinity
we are swept up into relationship with God
because God is Relationship

Love must be communal to be Love
The Lover, the Beloved, and the Love between them
So powerful, so dynamic, so unifying, they are One

God, the Creator, the Alpha, the Almighty,
Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent

Christ, the Incarnate One, the Word made Flesh,
The Humble One, Love made manifest
Emmanuel, God with us, as one of us

The Holy Spirit, the Fire, Omega, the God to Be,
Birther, Transformer, Dynamic
Organically ever growing within us

Trinity, all at once the God that Was, Is, and Will Be
The Past, the ever Present, and to Come
Theos, Theophany, Shechinah

I pray to the Father
Christ prays in me
The Holy Spirit makes me prayer

We worship One God
As Creator, Prime Mover,
Christ who moves us,
And the Holy Spirit who is motion

Creator theology tells us we are good
Christian theology tells us we are loved
Spirit theology tells us we are holy

Creator theology worships a God Beyond
Christian theology worships a God within
Spirit theology worships a God Inside Out

The great humility and creativity of God
pours God’s self into us, the Spirit
giving us the power to birth God into the world

The eternal Maranatha
dependent upon our yes
dependent upon our service

to heal our world
to make manifest
the Love of the Trinity

The Living God
possessing infinite possibility
Inviting us into the Trinity

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