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Poem: The Courage To Sing

By Christi Ortiz

Like a cup filled to the brim, 
at times my heart cries out, 
“I cannot hold the pain of the world any longer!” 
I shake my fist to the sky and shout, “no more!”
Only to hear silence

…and birds chirping in the background 
on this cold winter morning
as if to taunt me with their joy 
and song and carefree nature 

Don’t they know the pain and travesty that befalls this earth?
What ancient wisdom do they know that I have forgotten?
Is it that they somehow know the full story 
that spans millennia before and after this generation?

Or is it that they are fully immersed in the present,
fully alive 
in the Now 
not carrying burdens not meant for them to bare

They know their place, their role in the whole of creation, 
content to do their part and sing their single song 
in their small corner of the world,
responding to an inner instinct, intuition 
with grace and beauty, 
unattached to who listens or not, 
undisturbed by the effect or response, or lack thereof…
just chirp, chirp… 

into the still air 
and that 
is enough

And somehow my heart feels a bit lighter
as if their foreign language spoke 
to a knowing hidden inside me, 
that all shall be well, all will be healed, 
hope conquers despair, 
goodness grows ever new again 
just like the tender shoots of spring emerge after a long, dark, cold winter….
promising hope, abundance, joy, new life, and restoration

Yes I too must do my small part, 
in my small corner of the world,
unattached to the results, undeterred 
and sing my own song and know 
it is enough

And somehow my distant song 
may travel and speak a secret language 
to the deep inner knowing of another and…

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