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POEM: Resurrection Buzz

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By Scott Kinder-Pyle

“I heard a Fly buzz -when I died -“
—Emily Dickenson
“What’s the buzz?
Tell me what’s a-happening.”
—from Jesus Christ Superstar

Are you the dead one 
in perpetual disguise?—
(or in Perpetua’s guise?)—
the one in many (of her dreams)
who spoils the ointment?
Your fellow flies miss you
something terrible.
Having masqueraded with wings
your putrefaction awaits
beyond these blinds—
There’s deceptive light
you won’t mind.  Simply
affix your little legs to the dark
Glass and let go.  Matriculate
into all the Cosmos—why
don’t you?—
and make disciples.
I think I saw you once being
Waved off
by slave-descendants in America.
You strafed one in the pulpit
and he swallowed you whole.
Scott Kinder-Pyle

About Scott Kinder-Pyle

Charles Scott Kinder-Pyle goes by Scott, and loiters amid the millennial generations along the Spokane River, where he teaches, as an adjunct professor, in the philosophy departments of Eastern Washington University and Gonzaga University.
Here’s a little more biographical background on Pastor Scott.
In 1988, he graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary and was ordained in the Presbyterian Church (USA). His work has taken him through Washington state, to Ohio, Pennsylvania (where he grew up) and back to Washington. For 16 of those years, Scott has enjoyed the creativity and adventure of starting newly forming congregations who reach out to those who feel alienated from the more formal institutions of Christianity.
In 2008, he received a Doctor of Ministry degree from Columbia Theological Seminary and penned a dissertation, ‘Pastor as Struggling Poet: Exploring An Alternative Mode of Missional Church Leadership.’
Then, from 2011 through 2013, Scott studied with various poets and eventually received a Master of Fine Arts degree in poetry and poetics from Eastern Washington University Center for Writers.
He’s been married to Sheryl, whom he met at Princeton, for nearly 30 years; they have two affectionate children (Ian and Philip), and two wondrous dogs (Pearl and Caesar).

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