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POEM: Mother Earth

By Christi Ortiz

Love bursts forth into creation, 
Sacred Breath births into being,
Dust and water and wind unite
Ignited by the Divine Spark
Burning with brilliance and beauty
Born both eternally and in the ever present Now
As our mother, she birthed us
As our home, she nourishes us
As our burial ground, she will receive us yet again 
Accepting what we have done with our bag of bones and blood

Our time as a breathing being is our gift back to her
Her loving arms embrace our every word and action
She receives with love and compassion the footprints we leave each day

And as we walk in the dust of our grandmothers’ and grandfathers’ footprints
I pray we walk both with intention and care 
for both creation and the creatures that she has yet to birth
As our words and actions whispered in the wind are
recycled a thousand times over as nature does,
what will they say to the generations to come?

I pray they speak of the peace and love from which we were born, 
I pray they tell the story of our glorious being and Presence 
on this humus home which has given us life
For we are not just creatures, but creators 
created to manifest the seed from which we come 
and the wisdom woven into our very essence 
We are a reflection of the very beingness that is God 
just as each plant and rock and creature are emanations of the One
together we are a body that is one 
what burns or bleeds for one, grieves the whole 
and what precious creativity springs forth from one,
brings life and joy to all the rest 
May we live into this our nature 
more fully each moment
for that is all that’s in our power
in this great cosmic soup we serve one another 
as we hear our mother’s words, 
“ok kids, remember, we’re all in this together”

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