POEM: Inspire

By Christi Ortiz




Filter the ego for the word of God to speak through your life
Be filled with the spirit so that your exhalation is spirit, ruach, breath, God

Breathe in God down to your very bones and blood cells
Receive God into the core of your being and every corner of your heart and mind and life

Allow the Diving Presence to be alive inside of you
Give over your living. So that the Divine live can take residence within you

Let spirit run the show
Let God hold the reins

Surrender to the work and inspiration of God
You will not be disappointed

Just enjoy the ride!
Soak in the power of the Divine Love of God

And then your breathing and working and doing
Will be blessed

And drip of God’s presence
And others will receive Spirt through the Spirit’s inspiration in you

And thus the cycle continues
And the seed is spread, fruitful it multiplies

And so it is the Word of God
And so it is God’s Spirit living and breathing in us

Touched, inspired, blessed are the lives we live
And the trail we leave for others to catch the sniff of God

As the spirit’s scent lingers after our presence is gone
And cultivates and germinates in the hearts of those who receive our offering

This is how the bread is passed and multiplied and shared
Feed on the abundant feast of the Divine and then become food for another

Like Jesus’ sputum mixed with earthen clay
Transforms a blind man into a man that sees

So too the spirt mixes with my humble clay
And oh the light that opens up

Oh the power of the touch of God
And so it is your Divine love that caresses our weary souls

And it is you Divine one that call us home to dwell in you
And it is you Divine one who dwell in us.

May it be so,
may it be so. Amen

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