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POEM: How Do the Buds Know?

By Christi Ortiz

How do the buds know when to be born?  
Surely centuries of ancient wisdom 
has taught them how to read natures signs of changing seasons

But how do they know just the right time? 
What inner compass guides their knowing? 
How do they listen so deeply, so defiantly?

What gives them the courage to poke through 
the stark of winter to bring us the joy of spring coming to life 
and the excitement that it too survived another year!

Beautiful sunny days might deceive 
and coax them out to soon 
when nights of frost and snow cover are still to come

They cannot look to fellow foliage around them, 
some having the hardiness to take sprout much earlier than they 
and others sleeping in until summer and missing the day

Yes they must read the signs around them, 
but also have the inner strength and discernment 
to know what is alone right for themselves

Yes the bud is not born from without, 
it comes from a deep, inner listening 
that knows

Years of experience teach it how to withstand 
the driving winds or the nights of cold, 
it can weather through these hardships, 

knowing the days are growing warmer with each passing sun 
knowing its fragile yet sturdy growth has the strength it needs 
to push on

I hope I too can learn this silent listening 
this wise patience 
this brave and confident courage to begin again

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