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Poem: Earthen Vessels

By Christi Ortiz

The more we yield and submit
to the Potter’s Gentle Hand,
the more we become humble,
malleable clay in your Hands
instead of hardened, hidden,
and afraid in our earthiness.
For we hold this treasure in earthen vessels.
You made us from the dust
and don’t expect us to be any more,
but only ask us to be open to receiving
your Life giving breath into our being,
to receive your Spirit into the earthen clay
of our hearts and lives.
May the water of Your Mercy
soften the hardness of our hearts,
and mold the clay of our beings
into Your image and likeness.
If we submit, You will do the building, shaping,
the forming, and transforming.
If we come, you will build us,
you will use us to build the Kin-dom of God,
not because you need us,
but because you choose us, want us,
because You love us
and never fail or forsake your Creation.

For we are not the sum
of our weaknesses and failures
but the sum of the Father’s love for us
and of His ability to transform us
into the image of His Son,
when we receive and say Yes
to Your Sanctifying Spirit within us,
when we give the soil of our lives
over to you in humility,
to be broken and built into what You Will.
Your Will be done Lord Jesus,
Your Kingdom Come.
And may I be open to Your coming
in me, with me, through me,
not later, not when I am perfect,
but now, in the Eternal Now.
You are Present,
a Present held with human hands,
a Host in an Imperfect Hostess,
a Divine gift in a Human vessel,
a Divine mission in an earthy boat,
on the waters of this world,
but blown by the
Spirit of God.

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