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POEM: Borrowed

By Christi Ortiz

Some think gratitude

is a difficult thing to cultivate


But it takes just a moment

of awareness


to glance around and see

that all I have


all I am

is borrowed


My body was built and borrowed

from my parents’ cells


The air I breathe

most likely someone else’s air recycled


My clothes

made by another’s hard working hands


My food

seeded. grown and picked through other’s toil



My language

passed on & created by many others before me


The car I drive

designed and made by others far away


The house I sleep in

made by hands I know not


The fire that warms me

created and discovered long ago


My beliefs and ideas too

were given as a gift & passed down the centuries


My favorite song

created and shared by others


Virtually everything I see and touch and hear

is not mine


From this vantage point

Gratitude is the only response

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