Planting a seedling tree by USFS Region 5 via Flickr

Planting the Seed, a poem

By Christi Ortiz

The humus earth is ripe and soft awaiting my planting

as if its spent these long winters months

just waiting for this moment,

longing for this seed,

so eager to begin a new life,

hungry to unleash its vitality through this plant to be,

not caring whether it be rose or weed,

strong and sturdy, or spindly and sprawling,

nor whether it be adorned or scorned.

This earth just longs to co create,

to bring new life, and join the budding chorus

that Spring has sprung all around.

Drunk on the aroma of tender shoots, lilacs and blossoms of all kinds,

it welcomes all in unrestrained hospitality

like the inebriated bartender inviting every passerby,

or the gratuitous pastor offering refuge to the most needy.

Why you might ask?

Such unbounded generosity and self-giving?

Why not save these precious resources and fertility

for those most deserving?

Why not enlist a committee or screening process

to weed out the less qualified, the less desirable?

Why not stake out borders and claim its territory

so it can control all within its bounds

to protect and preserve its native soil and prevent invaders?

No, It will continue in reckless nurturance of any life that emerges in its midst.

Nature does not know this divisive and deadly judgment.

Why do we?

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