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Planned Parenthood protests planned this weekend, locally and nationally

Thousands are expected to protest outside Planned Parenthood locations across the country this weekend as part of the #ProtestPP coalition.

The campaign, organized by national anti-abortion groups, are calling for public protest in response to the undercover videos released by abortion opponents in July, purporting to show Planned Parenthood executives negotiating the sale of fetal parts.

It’s the second national protest day organized by #ProtestPP. The first one was held in August.
Mark Harrington, of CreatedEqual, is urging people to join in the protests.
Hetold OneNewsNow, “We believe in the long run this is going to be a grassroots effort that’s going to end Planned Parenthood, defeat them – not just defund them, but end them for good and end abortion for good.”
Protests are scheduled in Pullman and Spokane on Saturday beginning at 9 a.m. and at noon in Spokane Valley.
Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and North Idaho released a statement condemning the protests, “The bottom line is that if these protesters really valued families, women, and children, they would trust women to make their own personal health decisions and support access to birth control and comprehensive sex education. They would commend people for taking proactive measures to address their health needs instead of spending time protesting and attempting to block people from access to our health centers.”

The Planned Parenthood clinic in Pullman was firebombed in September and will resume offering health services Oct. 12 at a temporary location,  745 N. Grand Ave. #108 in Pullman.


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…and welcome back to the stone age!

Scott Davidson

Don’t think they were protesting anything back then Brien. We have this serious problem of little babies being murdered and women’s lives being devastated by a group that claims to be for women’s health. I don’t doubt they believe they are doing good but satan is a cunning one.

Neal Schindler

How are women’s lives devastated by PP?

Scott Davidson

I challenge you to read a book called Forbidden Grief. It gives accounts of women who have been devastated by abortion because when they truly come to the realization of what they have been part of they begin to feel the guilt over the loss of their baby. Hence the loving and caring people of planned parenthood and other abortion facilities convince them they are doing the right thing.

Scott Davidson

I laugh that they condemn the protests.


Rather than constantly protesting the freedoms of other humans; how about organizing protest that are beneficial for everyone.

Withdraw our support from large corporations by consuming less and supporting local, small businesses when possible. Protest our election process: Get corporate money out of our elections! Support efforts to help 3rd parties get on the ballot and challenge the two corporate parties! Protest for 30 hours work for 40 hours pay! Thanks to union organizing in years past, we now have the weekend, 8 hour work-days and 40 hour work weeks but in 1933, the 30 hour work week nearly became law when both the U.S. Senate and House passed it only to have it vetoed by President Roosevelt. Or how about organizing protest to make our states attorneys general revoke the charters of offending corporations and make state legislatures change their incorporation codes, rolling back the “rights” of corporations to where they used to be.


The people who protest Planned Parenthood should see to the blood on their own hands!

They refuse to take responsibility for what is going on in society and want to “leave it all in God’s hands.”

They should be working harder to end poverty and war instead of fueling the two machines that exist to feed each other, if they truly want to end abortion! Such hypocrisy! Such lying!

If they worked as hard to make sure everyone was educated and working and understood human sexuality and would start acknowledging facts such as most of what PP does is preventive care and that teen pregnancy goes down with preventative care and real informative sex education, perhaps they would be taken more seriously and less as hypocrites who are seeking by wanting to end Planned Parenthood to continue fueling both war and poverty and a cheap class of laborers. So these people can say that it’s because they really think all life is sacred, but if everyone was educated and had a life doing what they loved, THIS would stop abortion (aside from medical ones — and with advances in science — even those could end!)

Eric Blauer

Why is it ok to protest the deaths related to guns but not the deaths related to Planned Parenthood? Both are issues that are legal.

Neal Schindler

I mean, of course all peaceful protests are fine. But “comprehensive sex education” would definitely help our country.


Ya, not sure when blowing buildings up, (Pullman, WA PPH) becomes more than protesting. I’m assuming the moment the idea crosses your mind and you act upon it. Then it could be said, I know I would definitely say, it’s a form of terrorism.

Eric Blauer

Do you consider Gosnell an extremist abortionist or a good representation of PP?

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