An abortion protester offers a pamphlet to a woman being escorted by a volunteer in front of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Boston, Massachusetts, June 28, 2014. REUTERS/Dominick Reuter

Planned Parenthood and the Everlasting Hatred

By Blaine Stum
On July 12, 1996, a white supremacist organization known as the Phineas Priesthood bombed the Planned Parenthood satellite clinic in Spokane Valley. The clinic was closed for a staff training, so no one was hurt; but the bomb caused $500,000 in damage and closed the clinic for a year while repairs took place.

As workers cleaned the chaos wrought by the bomb, they found a matchbook left by the perpetrators with a note referencing Psalm 139. The Psalm is meditation on God’s omnipresence and omniscience… that contains the following words:

“Do I not hate, Lord, those who hate you?
Those who rise against you, do I not loathe?
With fierce hatred I hate them,
Enemies I count as my own.”

The perpetrators wanted their victims to know their hatred of them. While Planned Parenthood in Spokane did not experience another incident like that, we know one thing is for certain: that hatred never left. Last week, a Planned Parenthood clinic in Pullman was set on fire. Investigators have ruled it arson. I call it terrorism.

Since the first clinic arson incident in 1976 in Eugene, Ore., Planned Parenthood has been under attack. Extremists have killed doctors, bombed clinics, assaulted staff and harassed patients. Their campaign of terror against Planned Parenthood has been fueled in part by over-the-top rhetoric from Conservatives activists and legislators like Matt Shea, who recently compared Planned Parenthood to Nazis.

To them, Planned Parenthood represents pure evil. Like the Psalmist, they count Planned Parenthood as enemies. To those of who have actually utilized their services, a vast, vast majority of which have nothing to do with abortion, the organization represents opportunity: the opportunity to access health care services we may not have been able to otherwise and an opportunity to discuss sex and reproduction without judgement or shame. Their hatred makes them see a grotesque caricature; and causes harm to innumerable people. We should not allow this hatred to go unchallenged.

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  1. Blaine, with the recent videos that have come out, and let’s bypass the ridiculous statements of the videos being edited etc…, do you see that planned parenthood is intentionally murdering these fetus’ (definition of fetus is offspring) for monetary purposes? Violence as you mentioned in your article is absolutely wrong but isn’t the violence pp is perpetrating against these precious babies also wrong, or do you see it differently?

    • Uh, no… I won’t “bypass” the fact that the videos have all been edited. Even a cursory analysis of frame counts, time stamps, and camera perspective reveals edits in every single video; including the long “unedited” videos. Maybe it’s my film background, but post production edits aren’t hard to discern for anyone with any sort of knowledge of video production. If you want to dispute that, you’ll have to do better than simply saying such statements are “ridiculous.”

      Even the CMP’s own transcripts debunk your claim that the PP engages in fetal tissue donation for profit. I suggest you at least read those before commenting:


      I’d also note that, so far, one federal agency (HHS) and five states (Georgia, Massachusetts, Indiana, Pennsylvania and South Dakota) have investigated Planned Parenthood. None have found evidence of illegality. So no, I don’t see what you do.

      • Blind, but yet you see.

        • Scott, I’ll not bother replying to your unresearched opinions other than to say you are asking us to compare apples with oranges’, and to condemn one for not being the other. You confuse a limited service professional institution with a broad service organization, and condemn it because it does not offer what the other does. I have worked with PP closely , sending referrals, individuals, couples, and families to them frequently for professional services and have never found them to give unprofessional advice or advice limited to one option. I have always found them to find out the referred’s values and to tailor their responses to respect those values. I have never heard of PP
          profiting off their services, either by selling them or getting kickbacks. I have found that several anti-abortion “clinics” have used their services to profit off them, either by helping unprofessional counselors build private case loads, or churches to gain converts. Just like, as in the case of the terrorists, I can see little reason to respect those of the anti-abortion people who are all too ready to excuse their immorality and not see that the pro-choice people likely are very pro-life. Except for deep feeling Catholics, I have rarely seen the anti-abortion people protesting the death penalty, or the wars that waste money on death, depriving worthy causes that do promote healthy, pro life institutions like education, decent housing, employment and children’s and new born services. Do you need help pulling the log out?

          • I will say one thing Tom you are a good shill for planned parenthood. No sense in getting in a bind over your log comment since you know nothing about me other than some words typed on a page. By the way have you seen a portion of the video where the aborted baby is still moving it’s legs and arms just before they “do it in?”

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