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Military atheists get ready to ‘rock beyond belief’

By Kimberly Winston Religion News Service After more than a year of planning, atheists in the military will stage a public festival and rock concert celebrating their lack of religious beliefs at North Carolina’s Fort Bragg, one of the largest U.S. military bases. Dubbed “Rock Beyond Belief,” the event is …

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Paul hopes for a win in Washington

Ron Paul isn't winning in the primary states, but on Friday at the Spokane Convention Centerhe said he's cautiously optimistic he'll have success here in Washington. “I've always had support here,” he said. “We've have always had enthusiastic crowds.” Supporters, both republican and democrat, nearly filled the center to hear …

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Santorum rallies conservative Spokane voters

SPOKANE VALLEY —Rick Santorum has a lot of people praying for him. More than 500 supporters filled New Life Assembly Church in Spokane Valley on Thursday to show the Republican candidate that they champion his Christian values. “Thank you Rick, you're in our prayers,” people called out to him. They …

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There’s room at the Big Table

He grew up in meat and potatoes country, a small town off of Flathead Lake in Western Montana. The only fine dining restaurant there was The Ranch, which was half eatery, half bowling alley. Everything came out of the fryer. “It was a green bean casserole kind of town,” Kevin …

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Are Mormons Christian? It’s complicated

By Daniel Burke Religion News Service Ask Mormons if they are Christian, and their answer often starts with a sigh. Look at our name, they’ll say, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Read The Book of Mormon’s subtitle, “Another Testament of Jesus Christ.” Examine our Articles of Faith, …

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