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Thursday, March 23, @ 6:38 am


Thursday, March 23, 2023
6:38 am

FāVS Is Reading book club hosts an evening discussing ‘Torn: Married to a White Supremacist’

When Spokane businesswoman Marie Eddy steps to the podium Sept. 28 at the downtown Central in Spokane, Wash., she will present her mother’s story hosted by SpokaneFāVS’ FāVS Is Reading book club. “Torn: Married to a White Supremacist” is the first-person account of Marie’s mother Christine Eddy, a Spokane librarian who for more than 27 years was married to and lived with a white supremacist in Sandpoint, Idaho.

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Let’s rethink god. Without the monk-ish superstition.

I reject the existence of an all-powerful and all-knowing god if it means abandoning human free will. But does rejecting the god of supernatural theism require the rejection of the reality of god in its entirety? No. But it does require a different understanding of the reality of god and the characteristics of omnipotence and omniscience.

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Seeing with your own eyes, not through the eyes of your neighbor

We’re now manipulated by information from all over. Hackers on both sides of the Ukraine war, for example, jockey to influence its outcome. Feeds from global social media draw viewers by the millions. How much of the information we imbibe is accurate? How much is generated by artificial intelligence? How much is just plain lies? Most importantly, how do we know?

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Features of Online Dating for Christians

Features of Online Dating for Christians Sponsored Content All people are different. People have different habits, religion, nationality and appearance. But there is one thing that we all have in common, and that is the need for communication. Man is a social being. We need to communicate with other people, …

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