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Vitual on WHOVA confernce platform

Friday, February 3, @ 12:43 pm


Friday, February 3, 2023
12:43 pm

Dreams of Newsrooms Now Gone

journalism newsroom

They say we dream more vividly as we grow older. That is certainly true for me. And I remember my dreams now in ways I never did when younger. And because I spent most of my life in newsrooms, that is where dreams take me. Soon enough, the newsrooms I remember will live only in dreams. And an institution so important to American democracy will be all but gone. Not a dream, but a nightmare.

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They Said I Was ‘Demon Possessed,’ But I Was a Victim of Spiritual Abuse

Spiritual abuse is far too common, but we don’t talk about it. In fact, I had a counselor here on the Palouse once tell me she didn’t have the training to work with a spiritually abused client, and couldn’t think of a single person in the area she could refer me to. I get it. Things in the religious realm are unnerving. Some people won’t go near it. Others, though, will take advantage.

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Ask a Bahá’í: How Can Bahá’í’s Believe There Is Only One Religion?

ask a bahai

Yes, the Bahá’í teaching that “all the religions are one” is a challenging claim. Religions say different things, contradictory things, often in opposition to each other. In fact, in a single religious tradition — such as Christianity — various denominations often say diametrically opposing things on certain issues, such as who was Jesus, how do we attain salvation and should Christians be drinking alcohol.

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The Evil in this World: A Native American Perspective of Evil

Most Native Americans will say both good and evil exist, but Indigenous concepts differ from Eurocentric ideas when it comes to evil. As I have said before, there are hundreds of Indigenous tribes, and each has their own cultures and religions. As a rule, however, most seem to believe in evil – not as a concept or an entity separate from humans, but as an action made by humans.

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