Ask a Bahá’í: How Can Bahá’í’s Believe There Is Only One Religion?

ask a bahai

Yes, the Bahá’í teaching that “all the religions are one” is a challenging claim. Religions say different things, contradictory things, often in opposition to each other. In fact, in a single religious tradition — such as Christianity — various denominations often say diametrically opposing things on certain issues, such as who was Jesus, how do we attain salvation and should Christians be drinking alcohol.

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The Evil in this World: A Native American Perspective of Evil

Most Native Americans will say both good and evil exist, but Indigenous concepts differ from Eurocentric ideas when it comes to evil. As I have said before, there are hundreds of Indigenous tribes, and each has their own cultures and religions. As a rule, however, most seem to believe in evil – not as a concept or an entity separate from humans, but as an action made by humans.

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Examining the Teachings of Jesus in the Gospels

Examining the Teachings of Jesus in the Gospels Sponsored Content Unsplash The Gospels are the four books of the Christian New Testament that tell the story of Jesus Christ. The teachings of Jesus found within these Gospels form the basis of Christianity, offering a timeless source of moral and spiritual …

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Human Trafficking Often Misunderstood, Unrecognized, Says Task Force. Spokane Event Aimed to Address That Through Education, Awareness.

Lutheran Community Services Northwest

“This event is important because the topic of human trafficking is often misunderstood and unrecognized,” said Abigail Dougherty, chair of the Task Force and a crime victim advocate with LCSNW. “It provides an opportunity for the community to learn more about what trafficking looks like in their area as well as how it is being addressed.”

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