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Pastor Byron Corbett

I think young adults today are looking for something real in religion. They are looking for people who have a real experience with Jesus Christ that creates consistency in our lives between what we say and what we do. They are looking for people who not only know what the …

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Rob Snyder

The kingdom of God is not about what you think, what you believe, but the kingdom of God is how do you treat one another. Rob Snyder What’s your favorite scripture and why? http://www.spokanefavs.com/blogs/viewpoints/viewpoints-whats-your-favorite-scripture-and-why

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Fearing the Lord

The townspeople came to joke that they could set their clocks by the professor’s afternoon walk. Immanuel Kant was so regular with his walks he became as predictable as the spring flowers in Königsberg. His philosophical work, on the  hand, dropped onto Western thought with a mushroom cloud of destruction, …

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Welcoming the stranger

Today we will examine the Christian church's compassionate and informed role as we “Welcome the Stranger” to our land.   How is the issue of immigration affecting the church? Demographers tell us thatimmigrant churches are the fastest growing segment of evangelical churches in the U.S.In fact, some researchers predict the …

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