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People already have their minds made up on abortion

The Viewpoints question presented on the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade is how can we have a respectful, productive dialogue?
I think the manner in which people talk about this subject is key but in the end it seems people have made up their mind and come to the issue to fight more than find new paths forward.

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Rev. Bill Ellis

I am a golfer; of course I swear. Rev. Bill Ellis Swearing is at times cathartic

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Group wrestles with ethics of assisted suicide

Physician assisted suicide has been legal in Washington, Oregon and Montana for some years now, but the ethical dilemmas surrounding the law continue to be a struggle for many Americans.

At its monthly meeting Wednesday night, members of the Friends of Compassion discussed those dilemmas, including the ways faith plays a role in euthanasia.

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Rev. Joe Niemiec Jr.

Often we become stuck in our story with no way out, when the fact is that if we become aware it is only a story, we have the power to change it. Rev. Joe Niemiec Jr. A spiritual lesson in mindfulness

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Conflicted social media advocate

The Wonderful leader and editor of Spokane Faith & Values, Tracy Simmons approached me as she was preparing to launch this site, “Would you consider being one of our writers?” I gave an enthusiastic YES.  A few months later, my first post was published introducing me as a “Social Media Writer.” That was last March. Then I went dark! I have written nothing since. Why? What is wrong with me? Why can’t I get motivated?

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