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Vitual on WHOVA confernce platform

Wednesday, March 29, @ 2:41 pm


Wednesday, March 29, 2023
2:41 pm

Vatican launches Catholic home for U.S. Episcopalians

American Episcopalians upset with their denomination's acceptance of gay and female clergy can now convert to the Roman Catholic Church while keeping many cherished traditions in a special new U.S. diocese that was established on Sunday (Jan. 1) by Pope Benedict XVI.   The Houston-based diocese, called the Personal Ordinariate …

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Sravasti Abbey welcome home two ordained nuns

The Sravasti Abbeycommunity in Newport is now home to five officialbhikshunis, or ordained nuns. Ven. Chonyi and Ven. Jigme recently returned from Taiwan, where they participated in theInternational Triple Platform Full Ordination training and ceremony, making them the fourth and fifth bhikshunis at the abbey. According to the monastic ethical …

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Om Ananda Atman (a blog about meditation)

Namaste' readers! I am most happy to be here, sharing my experience and words with you all. I wanted to begin by giving a description of what the word meditation means to me. That way we won't have to debate over this definition and we all will know I am …

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2011: A year of taking it to the streets

By KEVIN ECKSTROM Religion News Service 2011 was supposed to be the year the world ended. Twice. But after evangelist Harold Camping’s doomsday predictions failed to materialize, all eyes are now on 2012 when, according to an ancient Mayan calendar, we need to once again prepare for the end of …

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