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Vitual on WHOVA confernce platform

Friday, June 2, @ 9:22 am


Friday, June 2, 2023
9:22 am

Eating meat can be good for the soul

One of the first questions people ask me about Buddhism, and one of the topics becoming more and more of an issue in the American psyche, is a question regarding diet. Are all Buddhists vegans? Are they vegetarians? Do you eat meat? Why? The answer is no, not all Buddhists are vegans or vegetarians.

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Santorum rallies conservative Spokane voters

SPOKANE VALLEY —Rick Santorum has a lot of people praying for him. More than 500 supporters filled New Life Assembly Church in Spokane Valley on Thursday to show the Republican candidate that they champion his Christian values. “Thank you Rick, you're in our prayers,” people called out to him. They …

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Photo Gallery: Santorum visits Spokane church

View lots more photos on our Rick Santorum Flickr album.  Tracy SimmonsTracy Simmons is an award-winning journalist specializing in religion reporting and digital entrepreneurship. In her approximate 20 years on the religion beat, Simmons has tucked a notepad in her pocket and found some of her favorite stories aboard cargo …

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Community leaders to discuss death penalty

On March a group of panelists will discuss death penalty alternatives at Liberty Park United Methodist Church. The forum is presented byThe Peace & Justice Action League of Spokane's Inland Northwest Death Penalty Group, which has been working toward the abolition of the death penalty in Washington. Are you for …

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Compassion is a verb

I have a confession to make. I have an intellectual crush on Karen Armstrong. I've read most of her books and think she is brilliant. So brilliant, in fact, I would buy a poster of her to hang on my wall, if they made them. But I digress. I say …

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The threat of ideological purity in politics

A big part of the battle for this year's Republican nomination has been couched in terms of which of the four remaining candidates is the most conservative. I cannot help but be suspicious of this. My reasons have nothing to do with conservatism itself, but rather with what seems to …

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