In New Book, Russell Moore Urges Evangelicals to Stop Lying and Come Back to Jesus

losing our religion moore

"Losing Our Religion: An Altar Call for Evangelical America" was inspired by conversations Russell Moore has had in recent years with disillusioned evangelicals, some of whom he said are feeling a sense of despair at the state of the church and of American culture. The book is part altar call for his fellow evangelicals and part retelling of the surprising lessons he’s learned in recent years.

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Police Say Vandalism at Veradale United Church of Christ was a Hate Crime

spokane valley hate crime

In the week following the vandalism, Heywood describes an outpouring of community support, including from activists, nonprofits, and other religious institutions. An anonymous donor replaced the stolen flags, and folks from all over donated funds to a campaign to help the church purchase security cameras. But, something was missing: the support and official condemnation of the act from officials at the City of Spokane Valley. 

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