Sacred Texts: The word of God made me alive

word of god

I read, “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” I did not need any prior church or explanation to tell me that this sentence meant something extraordinary: the foundation of all meaning-making was in the beginning … and it “became flesh and dwelt among us”… and this was Jesus.

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Mahsa Amini’s death and the plight of Muslim women around the world between their own moral compasses and a morality police

Mahsa Amini

There has never been a balance when it comes to a Muslim woman's personal dress code choice. This and thoughts like these came to my naïve mind when I heard the news on Mahsa Amini, the Iranian girl who was arrested, detained and then died after being beaten by the morality police for violating Iran’s dress code law. Amini was a young girl of Kurdish ethnicity who was merely visiting Tehran.

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The Difference Between Non-Denominational and Denominational Church

The Difference Between Non-Denominational and Denominational Church Sponsored Content Like any other religion, non-denominational and denominational are the sub-branches of Christianity. We can say that based on the facts mentioned at Awaken Church, a site with complete knowledge regarding non-denominational churches, etc.  Non-denominational churches are very much on the same …

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