Ask a Quaker: Do Quakers Believe in Hell?

ask a quaker

I must begin with my standard disclaimer about Quakers and Quakerism.  We are a non-creedal group, so there is no set of beliefs that are required to be a Quaker. Beliefs on a topic like the existence of hell will typically range the full spectrum of belief found in the larger society.   

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Why I Am a Buddhist


Because I write about faith, people often ask me what religion I am.  Sometimes I stumble over my answer. I admit I worry what people will think when I say “I’m a Buddhist.” It sounds so … trendy, which I am not. At the garden store Buddha’s statues have become as popular as St. Francis.

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Is Gambling a Sin?

Is Gambling a Sin? Sponsored Content Gambling has been around since early civilizations. Regardless of the time period, gambling has always been a controversial hobby.  Different cultures all over the world gamble, so it’s not a concept that originated in a particular geography and was imported afterwards. In other words, …

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