Arguments Against Gun Violence: Why Do We Bother?

Gun violence

Why do I bother? Why does anyone bother? The senseless rampages that continue to claim dozens of victims, including children, go on and on. It is clear the country simply does not care. We are a nation of the armed. Gun sales continue to rise. And there is no meaningful effort to stem the tide. In point of fact, it really does not matter.

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Colville Missionaries Built Native Ministry on Faith, Relationship Building and Storytelling

Native american ministry

“Are you willing to kind of jump off a cliff and say yes to God?” Norman asked his wife, Diane, as they sat in their driveway with their three children. Everyone prayed and said they obeyed the call to the mission field. Norman’s friend served in Native American ministry and encouraged the Norman’s to live on a reservation during the summer of 1984, followed by a months-long, cross-cultural training with North America Indigenous Ministries.

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Fake News Preceded AI, but Chatbots Make It Easier


Many years ago as a consultant, I joked with colleagues about our tongue-in-cheek disclaimer for final reports: “We have not succeeded in solving your problem. We are still confused, but we are confused at a much higher level.” Generative artificial intelligence (chatbots) has the ability to confuse us all at much higher levels!

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Chasing Greatness Often Leads to Hate, not Love

Frederick Nietzsche

It is a mystery about chasing human greatness. Why do many of the totalitarian movements — whether the dreams about the Third Reich of the Nazi Germany or messianic dreams of a Proletariat Paradise of International Communist movement — always start with idol of restoring or increasing human greatness?

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