Two ways to help Transitions ministry

A benefit concert wil be held at Bing Crosby Theater tonight at 7 p.m. to raise funds for Transitions for Women.

Transitions is a local organization working to end poverty and homelessness for women and children in Spokane.

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“Hogging all the patriotism”

Someday, when I am The Mother of The Country (or the world, but I don’t want to sound greedy), this will be one of my rules regarding political campaigns: No candidate, or his/her supporters, get to use the word “patriot” to describe people who vote for that  candidate...

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Daryl Geffken

Forcing people labeled as LGBTQ outside of the larger community is just like the treatment of lepers in ancient Israel. You remember those folks: the ones that had to yell “unclean” as they walked along, just so normal people wouldn’t accidentally touch them. The ones that Jesus stopped for, talked …

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UCC couple retire after 2 decades of service

For six years, Randy and Linda Crowe traveled south to the ninth — and largest — ward of New Orleans, combating mold breakouts and renovating houses that had been destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. This year, though, the couple’s trips to Katrina end, as their retirements begin in a Volkswagen across the country.

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