Bruce Meyer

When everything science has discovered is put on the grand scale, it’s still almost nothing. Put that next to God, to whom even the universe is tiny, and the comparison is striking. Bruce Meyer Dark energy is the real deal (or not?) http://spokanefavs.com/blogs/bruce-meyer/dark-energy-is-the-real-deal-or-not Tracy SimmonsTracy Simmons is an award-winning journalist …

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I need to be able to laugh

Whenever I wonder if there is a sense of humor in the world I look at all the beauty we find and are inspired by in the natural world, and then how hard we work to change it. Think of the lowly dandelions in our yard, those beautiful puff balls of seeds that float so beautifully on a summer breeze.

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God’s humor

Have you ever pondered the wide variety of creatures on this earth? Everything from dogs and cats (whose antics often produce laughter) to zebras, giraffes, platypuses, and some pretty spectacular (and amusing) sea creatures.

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