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The Church Should Open The Book of Questions

By Ernesto Tinajero

A man who refuses to love can never have faith in Jesus, for God is love. Without love, the church fails. A church without love will be a banging gong, no matter how many best sellers its pastors place on the New York Times book list, or how nay stadiums it fills, or how many YouTube views its channels get. The church must open up the Book of Questions to fulfill its calling of the Great Commission. When will the church open this book?

Why has the church become a house built of propositions, when Jesus told parables?
Why does the church recite the sinner’s prayer, when Jesus asks us to follow?
Why does the church focused on rules, when Jesus fed people?
Why does the church bless the wealthy, while Jesus blessed the poor?
Why has the church become a place of statements, when Jesus brought questions?
Why does the church fear wonder, when Jesus encouraged wonder?
Why has the church removed the cross, when Jesus picks up the cross?
Why are people leaving the church, when people flocked to Jesus?
Why does the church indulge in greed and pride with celebrity pastors, when Jesus emptied himself to the point of the cross?
Why does the church look to the gifts of the spirit, when Jesus demands the fruit of the spirit?
Why does the church build big palaces, and great campuses, when Jesus was homeless?
Why does the church make show of its power, when Jesus rejects grand gestures like jumping off the walls of Jerusalem?
Why does the church want the crown, when Jesus rejected the crown?
Why does the church focus on the individualism and the individual, when Jesus asks us to deny ourselves?
Why doe the church crave political power, when Jesus rejects political power?
Why does the church fail, when Jesus triumphed?

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About Ernesto Tinajero

Art, says Ernesto Tinajero, comes from the border of what has come before and what is coming next. Tinajero uses his experience studying poetry and theology to write about the intersecting borders of art, poetry and religion.

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