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On this holiday, let’s vow to heal America

By Andy CastroLang

Many within the United States of America call this nation a “great experiment.” Maybe so.

But I see this country as a living being. And as such, it is possible to be sick, to be dying even. It is also possible, as a living creature, to grow, to evolve, to mature.

As we share in this national holiday celebrating us, I sincerely ask each and every person, to consider the ways in which they can help the United States of America heal. For we are sick. We may even be dying.

But as a living being, we can also heal. We can face the sicknesses: COVID yes, of course. But also, the deep dark malignancy of racism, and white supremacy, the hatred of humanity that is a lethal disease in our national life.

Work for the healing of the nation.

Strive for the great community of “e pluribus unum” – “out of the many, one.”

One nation, in beauty and diversity, honoring the rainbow of lives and cultures that we are, if we will only heal from the diseases of bigotry and violence and oppression.

Face the sickness, and heal from the sickness, so that we can all live, all evolve, all mature into the future; our dream of freedom and dignity, opportunity and well being, peace and community.

On this national holiday, vow to heal the wounds of our brothers and sisters in this land, take the medicine of humility and repentance and restorative justice that will heal us from the diseases of hatred and fear that sicken and destroy our national body. 

Vow to live, America. Do not let the best of this unique creature die. Live, and grow, and be strong once again, with liberty and justice for all.

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