Matthew Sewell

Meet Matthew Sewell, our Catholic writer

Matthew Sewell
Matthew Sewell

Matthew Sewell is a lifelong Catholic who went to a Catholic college, but said he experienced a “re-version” to the faith during graduate studies at a state school in Arizona.

Originally from Montana, Sewell enjoys the mountains, good food, golf, music and “the truth.” He and his wife reside in Spokane.

About Matthew Sewell

Matthew Sewell, a Denver Broncos fan and amateur Chestertonian, loves golf, music, truth and good food. A lifelong Catholic, he graduated from a Catholic college (Carroll College; Helena, Mont.) but experienced a "re-version" to the faith during graduate studies at a state school (N. Arizona; Flagstaff, Ariz.). Irony is also one of his favorite things. He and his wife currently reside in Spokane, though they're Montanans at heart. He blogs at mtncatholic.com.

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  1. Welcome Matt! So excited to have you, and eager to have you start an “Ask A Catholic” column!

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