Meat & Potatoes: Explaining the Trinity

Assistant Professor Karen Petersen Finch, of Whitworth University, answers different questions about the Trinity in this multi-part video. First she gives an analogy, then explains how the doctrine was developed, then gives a case for why the Trinity is Biblical, then talks about the Council of Nicea, and then gives the implications of what it means to believe in the Trinity.

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  1. What a great set of explanations, thank you Karen! You nailed the tension and our real inability to explain God, yet clarified several very important issues. One of the best presentations I’ve heard on this biblical truth.

    I do feel that it finished a little short of a balanced view of all of God’s attributes in favor of love only. Don’t get me wrong, without the love of God I would be headed for an eternal hell but as a believer and passionate bible student, God reveals Himself as many attributes all working in harmony. Anyway, thanks again!

  2. Polytheism? Three gods? One god, 3 personalities? The Hindus have lots of gods, each one with its own personality.

    Odd that the word Trinity does not appear in Scripture. Man- made nonsense!

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