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Making America Wait Again

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Making America Wait Again


By Eric Blauer

After watching Trump’s Republican convention entrance, all I could do was laugh and ask myself: “Can this political season get anymore like WWE?”

The prospect of some significant political pile-drivers, head locks and top rope Jimmy Snooka’s excites my inner tight wearing luchador!

As a conservative leaning Libertarian, I was a fan of the Ron Paul Revolution. So I can sympathize with the derailment of the Bernie campaign, though Paul didn’t sell out after his run got a flat tire. I’ve been hoping for and working towards a legit libertarian presence on the American conservative political stage. I’m a big fan of Rand Paul and the growing third party or the libertarian leaning voice in the Republican Party.

My hope is that the Bernie and Trump phenomena will forever  disrupt the tired, two party candidate retread offered up every year.

The rise of outsiders who threaten the Democrat and Republican status quo is a monumental advancement for those of us who think both parties are too hard left and too hard right and have been multiplying a mess of mediocre moderates.

I’m more excited and interested in the repercussions of this election more than the actual election.

Regarding Melania Trump: 

A woman, immigrant, successful business person and loves and believes in her husband.  Isn’t that the progressive holy grail? Isn’t that a legit feminist achievement. She’s done it all and now might be First Lady?

Regarding Melania Trump’s speech: 

I could care less about similar lines of other speeches. Ever heard graduation speeches? Most of these political rallies and speeches are all the same: “I did, I can, I will!”

The real speech scandal:

She Rick-Rolled us.

I’m watching the neo-progressives drive more and more former “Dump Trump” folks to change their mind, warm or switch to Trump. The more they rail, the they more bail. The anti-Trump rhetoric is turning voter drop outs into anti-Hilary voters. That might not be a full pro-Trump vote but it’s going to be a significant voter demographic impact.

The louder people demonize or vilify, the more annoyed reasonable and undeclared or undecided many voters like myself get.

In the end, whoever ends up as president, one thing is for sure: We will continue to be a disillusioned, divided and divisive country until we get more competent, compelling and courageous leaders.

Until then, we will continue to watch the chairs being thrown, the masks being torn off and the crowds provoked into a carnivorous frenzy by the media and campaigns. In light of all this, I’m looking forward to the next election after this one.

All of this doesn’t make America great…but it does make it entertaining.


Eric Blauer

About Eric Blauer

I am Frederick Christian Blauer IV, but I go by Eric, it sounds less like a megalomaniac but still hints at my Scandinavian destiny of coastal conquest and ultimate rule. I have accumulated a fair number of titles: son, brother, husband, father, pastor, writer, artist and a few other more colorful titles by my fanged fans. I am a lover of story be it heard, read or watched in all beauty, gory or glory. I write and speak as an exorcist or poltergeist, splashing holy water, spilling wine and breaking bread between the apocalypse and a sleeping baby. I am possessed by too many words and they get driven out like wild pigs and into the waters of my blog at www.fcb4.tumblr.com. I work as a pastor at Jacob's Well Church (www.jacobswellspokane.com) across the tracks on 'that' side of town. I follow Christ in East Central Spokane among saints, sinners, angels, demons, crime, condoms, chaos, beauty, goodness and powerful weakness. I have more questions than answers, grey hairs than brown, fat than muscle, fire than fireplace and experience more love from my wife, family and friends than a man should be blessed with in one lifetime.

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