At the Parliament of World's Religions a Native American tribe leads a procession/Tracy Simmons - SpokaneFAVS

Living in the Question

By Toni Niemiec

Returning from the Parliament of World Religions I am filled to overflowing, my heart and my mind opened and expanded. Over and over in talks from people of different faith paths and countries, from men and women, young and old speaking on a variety of topics (income inequality, climate change, the cry of Mother Earth, war, violence and hate speech, women, nuclear weapons and many others) there was the call to realizing the oneness of all beings, to peace for all. The focus not on the fear, the suffering, but rather on healing and compassion – a call to action for all to let down the walls that have separated and open to new ways of working together.

Now I ask, what is mine to do? How do I, as a human being, heed the call and live in accordance? What do I need to change? Continue? Is there something I need to do? To learn? Where have I fallen short? Where have I held back? Do I have the courage, the willingness, to speak out? To listen more deeply?

I wish there had been more people there to be inspired and yet I was there. I can only invite you to join me in asking the questions, listening to the answers, and taking action. I know that each one is guided from a presence far greater than all humanity to a world of peace…a world that works for everyone.

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