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Lions, Eugenics & Babies Oh My!

By Eric Blauer

This summer I’ve been reading Ernest Hemingway’s Short stories. One of them, “The Short Life of Francis Macomber” has the killing of a Lion on a African Safari as the center piece of its tale. My reading has been juxtaposed with Cecil the poached Lion story and the Planned Parenthood baby parts trafficking expose by the Center for Medical Progress. The Internet exploded like a nuclear bomb as celebrities and outraged citizens launched a first strike against the hunter and trophy hunting.


The passion and anger that has arisen of the death of this lion has equalled that of the pro-life movement outrage over the Planned Parenthood video fiasco. The Planned Parenthood subject has been driven all the way to the Congress as various initiatives have been launched to defund Planned Parenthood of the $500 million of American tax money.


It’s been quite the ruckus online for this little conservative leaning libertarian pastor. I am currently 244 comments deep in one of my pro-life Facebook threads on the Planned Parenthood subject. I have been stunned by the reasoning and conclusions that have come out in these conversation with pro-choice advocates. None more than the conversation below that would even surprise the Eugenics promotor and founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger wince in shock!


The question posed:


“So up until the age of 3 or 4 abortion is not murder by your standard?”


J.W.’s answer:


“That’s right. Biologically we are born with a biochemical predisposition to want to feel protective of children because humans in the past who had this impulse were able to pass on their genes more successfully (since the impulse caused them to protect their children from harm), but if you think past the impulse you’ll see that older lives are far more valuable than young ones, since they have the experience necessary to be empathic, productive, and reasonable. Humans under the age of three don’t even fulfill the very name of their species, “human”, which means having the ability to care for others. This is obviously not to say that children are worthless and should never be protected as though we were sea turtles who lay eggs and just leave; obviously protection of children is important to ensure the furtherance of our race. But since children under 3 don’t have any current inherent value (aside from the feelings of value being reinforced by your chemical impulses telling you to protect all children), and will only become valuable later in their life, it isn’t imperative to ensure children are being born to mothers who don’t want them, as they are far less likely to be raised in an environment which actually makes them valuable later. 


I believe in the practicality of decreasing the birth rate of the world to fight overpopulation and working toward the end that the children who ARE being born can be the best children they can be.”


This is the full bloom of the ideology that produces eugenics, holocausts and genocides.


I am glad that I have had the opportunity provided by these videos and conversations because they have exposed many of the malevolent roots and reasonings behind the practices that lead to discussing money over baby parts. The amount of retread these events of late have given to the pro-life movement is immeasurable. Never has the contrast been so apparent and that leads to a better ability to defend the cause of life.


The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, invested heavily in community health centers, allowing the Community Health Center Fund to allocate $11 billion over five years to centers across the nation. I celebrate the use of tax money to provide safe and accessible reproductive health services for women. I oppose federal funding of mid, late and now post-term abortion.


I hope the images of dead lions and dead babies will lead to the defunding of Planned Parenthood of Federal money and strengthen the cause of life for many decades to come.

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  1. “I oppose federal funding of mid, late and now post-term abortion.” this makes it seem like you’re okay with early-term abortions.

    Also, why defund all the other services planned parenthood provides?

    • ACA provides billions of dollars to be targeted at providing the services PP has done on federal dollars. They can raise funds for their work as a private org, all the rich media elite love them. I also support my tax dollars being used to make up the difference. Maybe Obama could divert some of those billions he’s sending to Iran or cut back on his drone wars.

  2. Also, I’m unclear as to where the JW conversation comes from. And it seems so extreme that trotting it out as part of your argument strikes me as questionable. I could quote Huckabee on anti-choice matters, but I’m not sure how many Americans his views represent.

    • The JW quote comes from a facebook thread I’m engaged in regarding abortion on my friends thread.

      It is extreme but that’s the surprise of it. It’s confusing watching prochoice advocates roll out arbitrary lines in their arguments for when is abortion ethical/moral. Some say that you can kill a baby right up to before they are pushed out of the womb. Then there’s the “When the fetus feels pain” folks. Today it was you can kill a child as long as it isn’t able to survive on its own (3-4years old).

      Strange how ideology can dehumanize someone to the point of killing them. We’ve seen it in the news with women, children, old men, gays, Jews, Iraqi minorities being raped, sold as sex slaves, beheaded and thrown off rooftops.

      We’re seeing it now as we watch people munching on salad and sipping Chardonnay while they chat about baby parts and prices. It’s just as shocking to watch PP clinic folk picking through eyeballs, arms, crunch skulls while chirping about it being “A boy!” All this is abhorrent to prolife advocates no matter what the legality issue might be.

      As for my views on abortion at a early stage. I’ve written many times about my desire to see something like a 20 week legislative restraint on abortion. I feel that’s a compromise that almost all but the fundamentalists on both sides could agree upon. That’s not saying I’m for it personally but legally it seems like a step forward in preventing the Gosnell horrors and theses PP parts for profit charges.

  3. And then there’s this…

  4. Interesting headline, is it a reference to the article being one big straw man?

  5. “I oppose federal funding of mid, late and now post-term abortion.”

    Well, cool, because federal funding doesn’t cover abortions.


    Just another ignorant conservative libertarian pastor.

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