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Liars, Traitors, Cowards: Say Their Names

Liars, Traitors, Cowards: Say Their Names

By Andy CastroLang

“SAY THEIR NAMES: George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin, Philando Castile…”

The list goes on and on. Black Lives Matter voices have shouted and whispered, prayed and sung the names of these murdered Americans time after time.

They are human names, the names of people with lives and stories. They demand to be remembered.

But there is a new list of names that demands to be remembered. New names and faces that must not be forgotten.

Sen. Ted Cruz

Sen Josh Hawley

Sen Mitch McConnell

Sen. Lindsey Graham

Liars, traitors, cowards, manipulators, racists. Thieves of our children’s future, and robbers of over 300,000 American lives.

Selfish, greedy, amoral, and repugnant. Vengeful and violent. Spineless and sycophantic.

Betsy DeVos

William Barr

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rogers

Fox News, Twitter, Facebook

My list is hardly complete. You have names of your own to add.

Do not forget to name them.

Do not let them whitewash history.

Do not be so fearful or lazy as to forget how many people are complicit and have built their careers on bringing us to these ruinous days of ignominy and rage at the state of our nation, with diseases of soul that infect our republic and may yet destroy it.

Remember their names.

Say their names.

Do not let them jump off the rotting hulk of Trump’s malignancy and pretend they never were there to begin with, never licked their whiskers after feeding off his excrescence.

We will never see justice if we do not REMEMBER THEIR NAMES. 

About Andy CastroLang

Andy CastroLang is senior pastor at Westminster Congregational United Church of Christ. She is deeply committed to civil discourse between individuals and throughout our community; in interreligious conversation, private conversation, intergenerational conversation and yes, even in political conversation. She has been a supporter of SpokaneFaVS since its inception because she supports this creative effort at thoughtful community conversation.

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