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Letter to the Editor: We Oppose Anti-Transgender Legislation in Idaho

Letter to the Editor: We Oppose Anti-Transgender Legislation in Idaho

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letter to the editor

Dear Editor:

Recently, state legislatures across the nation are introducing a torrent of anti-transgender measures aimed at limiting the rights of transgender individuals, particularly gender-affirming care. In Idaho, a newly passed law will go into effect next January making it a felony crime to administer gender-affirming care to minors. This is another blow for Idaho-based healthcare providers who are already facing felony charges for providing abortions in the state.  

As faith leaders and members in the community, we stand together in support of transgender rights. We are open and affirming people of faith who value all human beings and their identities. Keep in mind, transgender individuals can be lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, straight or any other sexual orientation. They are your neighbors; they are all God’s children. Transgender people should be included in the life of the church and our society. 

Julia Ames, Member, Bahá’í Faith

Pastor Wes Howell, Trinity Lutheran Church of Pullman

Rev. Gary Jewell, Community Congregational United Church of Christ

Rev. Lesli McGowan, Pastor of Simpson United Methodist Church

Pastor Nick Nicolai

Rev. Mary Beth Rivetti

Karla Neumann Smiley, Lutheran Campus Minister (ELCA)

Rev. Dr. Elizabeth H. Stevens, Unitarian Universalist Church of the Palouse

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BJ Sarisim

I appreciate this letter and agree with all its statements. As a transgender person deeply in faith I am relieved to see severe restriction of genital surgeries and hormone treatments like those I received as a child/adolescent. Mature adults may make these commitments for themselves. Children, especially intersex children, should be spared alterations of their reproductive systems, consistent with wisdom of many of the world’s religions. -BJ, sarisimpapers.substack.com

Marc DiConti

As a clergyman of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod serving the Apostolic Lutheran Church in Moses Lake, WA, I support all legislation protecting against all pseudo-medical procedures mutilating God-created children of their born physical features. I detest the false-church [misnomer] clergy who advocate for child mutilation and hurtful support of a false reality, instead of promoting the loving Lord Jesus Christ’s healing to help all suffering from gener dysphoria.

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