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Let’s Grieve Together. With It Comes Hope, Endurance, Humanity

By Gen Heywood

The Faith Leaders and Leaders of Conscience of Eastern Washington and North Idaho (FLLC) have begun Grieving Together Vigils. They will be held from 6 – 6:30 p.m each Tuesday throughout October

In partnership with The Mourning Project, we grieve the more than 212,000 people who have who have died to Covid-19 in our country. We also grieve, “all the other losses of the unconstrained pandemic: unsafe schools, unsafe workplaces, unemployment. By gathering, we reclaim our unity and our commitment to peaceful elections, and defuse the rising risk of violence.”

In this recording, hear the words of a medical doctor and a person recovering from Covid-19. Take a moment to allow yourself to grieve because that suffering can create endurance and through that, character, and with this, hope. We can grieve together and hold onto our shared humanity.

About Gen Heywood

Rev. Gen Heywood has been active in parish ministry for more than 30 years. From small towns to big cities, she always lets the needs of the community and the congregation be her guide. Gen credits the supportive leadership of Veradale United Church of Christ for including her work to overcome racism, poverty, the war economy, and ecological devastation as part of her ministry. “Veradale UCC is a small church with a powerful faith. They are the reason I can be a witness for a world where we do justice, live with compassion, and walk humbly with the Divine.”

Gen grow up in rural Maine. She received a BA in Music Therapy and German from Emmanuel College in Boston, MA and her M.Div. from Andover Newton Theological School in Newton, MA. She is a life long learner who lives in Spokane Valley, WA with her three dogs as well as, sometimes, with her amazing young adult children.

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