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KKK sign found in Spokane resident’s yard

This sign was found on Jan. 25 in the yard of a Spokane resident/Facebook photo

KKK sign found in Spokane resident’s yard


By Tracy Simmons

This sign was found on Jan. 25 in the yard of a Spokane resident/Facebook photo

After spending five days in Washington, D.C. for the Women’s March, Spokane resident Lena Negrete came home to find a sign in her yard that read, “White Lives Matter More!”

The sign was signed, “K.K.K. The true boys in da hood” and was placed in front of the “Black Lives Matter” sign that Negrete has had in her yard since summer.

Negrete, who is Mexican-American, said she is shaken up, but that the sign is proof that there’s work to do.

“For me it’s a really important discussion that we have to have as members of Spokane, that racism is alive and well, especially with the recent election cycle,” she said. “It’s important for people to know this is happening and it’s not going to stop happening until we stand against violence. Everyone should feel safe in their home and community, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religion or race.”

Negrete lives near Garfield Elementary School and took the sign down as soon as possible so children wouldn’t see it, she said.

The Spokane Police now have the sign and are investigating the situation.


Tracy Simmons

About Tracy Simmons

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