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Ecumenical CatholicEcumenical Catholics live and celebrate the Catholic tradition in contemporary ways. All of the great spiritual innovators throughout human history have taught the way of love, compassion and inclusion, not judgment and exclusion. We aspire to stand in the mainstream of this great tradition, welcoming everyone and excluding no one. We seek to follow the example of Jesus, who reached out in compassion to the disenfranchised and the marginalized, and shared meals in friendship with the poor, the outcast and sinners. We affirm the dignity of all human persons regardless of race, national origin, religious affiliation, gender, or sexual orientation. We believe that everyone is the beloved daughter or son of God, whose essence is compassion!

Ecumenical Catholics preserve the core of the Catholic Christian faith, handed down to us from the apostles and through the centuries; and, we celebrate the same seven sacraments that have long been part of the Catholic tradition. However, we are not part of the Roman Catholic institution, and therefore are not required to follow their rules. We are free to develop practices which honor and uphold the tradition, yet are appropriate for our time. For example, our communities function in a non-hierarchical, non-clerical manner.  All of the baptized (including laity) have an active voice in all important decisions. Leaders (including clergy and bishops) are elected by the people they serve, not appointed from ‘above.’ We have transparency in our finances. We do not require divorced individuals to obtain an annulment prior to remarriage. We ordain women and married men.

So, I invite you to ask about our faith. What do you want to know about Ecumenical Catholics?



About Thomas Altepeter

  Rev. Thomas Altepeter is an Ecumenical Catholic priest and pastor of St. Clare Ecumenical Catholic Community in Spokane.

He is also a licensed psychologist and has previously served as pastor of an ECC community in Wisconsin, been employed as a university professor, served as a director of a large behavioral health department, and worked in private practice as a psychologist.

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