Contributed photo of the September 2016 Coffee Talk

Individualized Ethics

By Toni Niemic

Saturday I attended a FāVS Coffee Talk focused on work ethics. There was conversation around the work ethics of different generations…is there a difference? If so, what? Once more it became clear to me that yes, evolution is taking place…there appears to be a difference in perception but in the willingness to work, to get the job done, to want to bring one’s gifts to the world to make a difference. It cannot be defined by generation, socioeconomic, gender, ethnicity or any other subset of humanity.

Each of us has our own set of ethics, individualized by our unique perception of life.  For some, this has come hard earned…others have walked a straighter, clearer, “easier,” path. Gender, age, ethnicity, family of origin, socioeconomic all have played their role in our perception but how it all comes together is up to the individual.

Moment by moment, relationship by relationship, experience by experience choices are made that determine who and how we present to the world.

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