Map of aftershocks felt from 5.8 magnitude earthquake in Montana

I felt the earth move under my feet

By Joe Niemiec Jr.

Yes, we had a small earthquake last night. Just strong enough to wake us up, each of us thought it was the other one kicking their legs. We acknowledged what it was, turned over, and went back to sleep. It was my third unidentified (by me) earthquake since moving to the west.

I find it fascinating that somewhere in most traditions it is said that God knows neither big nor small, different religions different words, same meaning. We, as humans, spend much of our life classifying what is big or small, what is manageable and what we let go to someone else, or let go entirely because we realize we cannot make a difference.

How much easier life becomes when we realize that which is ours, and release all else.

Let me have light hands
To hold what is mine
Release what is not
And grasp at nothing.

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