Help FāVS Keep the Conversation Going in the Time of COVID-19

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By Elizabeth Backstrom

SpokaneFāVS provides non-sectarian news coverage of religion, spirituality and ethics in the Inland Northwest. Community engagement, both in person and online, is vital to us.

Like many other agencies, SpokaneFāVS has been following the developments of coronavirus (COVID-19) to ensure we take appropriate preventative measures in support of the well-being of our staff and readers. To keep our community safe, we have temporarily closed our facility and canceled our in-person our events.

We want to keep talking. Help us keep the conversation going!

While we’ve cancelled events, we still need your support. Consider turning your ticket prices into a monthly or one-time donation to SpokaneFāVS.
Each story you read on our site is funded by readers like you, and our journalists are working hard to keep coverage up to date during the pandemic. We hope reading and taking part in our conversations, both virtually and in person, inspires you to support us and help create an interfaith community in Spokane.


Additionally, we are offering digital consulting services to houses of worship which need tools and tips on how to go virtual. Your donation will help ensure that we can continue this work. As many of us face prolonged social isolation, community and conversation is more vital than ever. FāVS helps keep Spokane connected through the power of conversation and independent journalism, but we can’t do it without you.
Thank you for your consideration.

– Liz Backstrom
FāVS Board Secretary 

About Elizabeth Backstrom

Elizabeth Backstrom majored in journalism at Western Washington University and currently works as a content analyst and grant writer in Spokane. Her background is in newswriting and features, but if an overabundance of caffeine is consumed, she has been known to write a humor piece or two. Backstrom attended various Christian churches growing up in Spokane and currently attends First Covenant Church, an inner-city ministry in downtown Spokane.

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