Flickr photo by Balint Földesi

Grab a buddy and meditate

Hello patient readers!

Flickr photo by Balint Földesi
Flickr photo by Balint Földesi

I hope the long space between this post and the last, on gentle tips for your meditation practice, has been filled with the art of slowing down and honoring the transitions throughout your day.

Today I would like to encourage you to try a tried and true technique borrowed from the world of exercise: find a buddy.

Taking time for silence in solitude is extremely valuable and important, yet sharing sacred time with another can add richness to the experience. It keeps you disciplined to maintain a regular practice, it provides a friend to discuss any recently learned forms or practices as well as a sympathetic ear for those inevitable dry spells. It could potentially involve some exercise, such as a walk  or a physical yoga practice, to warm and prepare you for the sit – as well as  the social component of meeting a friend. And it could be followed by a  warm cup of coffee and discussion.

Set a timer so neither of you has to be the clock watcher. Pick a consistent place so it feels comfortable and routine. It can be nice to have beginning and ending words or rituals to sanctify your meditation practice, so choose a buddy that you are comfortable with. Agree to experiment with different ideas before finding the practice you will stick to. You may each have a tradition such as mantra or prayer or sacred readings that you can blend in
to honor your current traditions or faith.

So grab a buddy, and begin a new, healthy, lifelong habit!

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Tamara Millken began practicing yoga in 2003, and teaching in 2007. She trained and is 500 hour certified through the Shambhava School of Yoga. She currently teaches Yoga for Healing, Tibetan Heart Yoga, and meditation at the Mellow Monkey Yoga Studio and the Millwood Community Center.

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