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Gonzaga offers $500 prize to person or organization countering hatred

Gonzaga offers $500 prize to person or organization countering hatred

Gonzaga University Center for the Study of Hate (GCSH) invites nominations for the Eva Lassman ‘Take Action Against Hate’ Awards, highlighting individuals and organizations working to counter hatred by addressing racism, religious bigotry, sexism or homophobia.

  • Who: Anyone may nominate an individual or an organization working to counter hatred in any of its forms, regardless of geographic location. Self-nominations are accepted.
  • What: A $500 prize is awarded to the winner in each category
  • When: Nomination deadline is July 31
  • Where: Nomination forms can be found online

For more than 10 years, in honor of the life and memory of Holocaust survivor and educator Eva Lassman, GCSH has presented the annual Eva Lassman ‘Take Action Against Hate’ Awards to one individual and one organization – whether local or global – for their work to counter hatred in any of its manifestations. Notable recipients include individuals such as Eva Lassman (inaugural), Kenneth S. Stern of the Bard Center for the Study of Hate, and Rev. Happy Watkins of the Spokane New Hope Baptist Church. Organizational recipients include the International Network for Hate Studies, the Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations, World Outside My Shoes.

Winners of the 2022 TAAH awards will be recognized at an awards ceremony in Spokane on Nov 10. When making nominations, please consider these criteria for the award:

  • Individual or organization must demonstrate a commitment to both action and awarenessbuilding within their community (whether local, national, or global).
  • Emphasis will be placed on outcomes and impact of the individual’s or organization’s work.
  • Nominee can be located in any part of the world and be of any age.
  • Must be nominated using the provided form, including a letter of recommendation. Self-nominations are acceptable.
  • Nominees will only be considered in the year that they were nominated. Nominations that are not selected are invited to re-apply.

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